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twelve_knights's Journal

A Batman Holiday Fic Exchange!
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who we are
twelve_knights is a holiday fic exchange in the vein of yuletide and others. We seek to provide a place where all fans of Batman, from comics to movies, can come together to celebrate the Dark Knight. Here, you may request a fic for the price of writing one in return. Gen, het, and slash are all welcome. Interested? Then please sign up!
1. All fics must be at least 1000 words.
2. Stories should be submitted to twelve12knights@gmail.com.
3. Remember to use spellcheck and a good beta; try batfic_betas.
4. Any formatting should be coded in with html by the writer.
5. Do not post your story anywhere else until authors are revealed on January 5th! This includes personal journals.
6. If for some reason you cannot complete your assignment, tell us as soon as possible.
sign-ups open :: November 15th.
sign-ups close :: November 22nd.
assignments sent out :: November 26th.
assignments due :: midnight EST December 28th.
fics posted :: December 31st.
authors revealed :: January 5th.

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